The Glance One Ship Management Pvt. Ltd is the realization of collective dreams composed of skill managers and employees coming together from different discipline, industries & cultures in an environment characterized by enthusiasm and passion for excellence determined to pool together recourses, expertise and long Board-based maritime experience to establish an organization in response to the severe competent manpower shortage in shipping sector across the globe for seagoing jobs, both at the Officers and Crew level.
Over 95% of the world’s trade goes by sea and, in the 21st century, the seas of the world carry more good than ever before. The volume of goods traveling by sea has increased nine fold since 1950. Ships do not move cargoes; people do with this view Glance One Ship Management Pvt. Ltd takes it on itself to hone skills of recruited seafarers’ and in turn make them competent to work on board the Principal’s vessels in an increasingly complex and commercial shipping environment.
Glance One Ship Management Pvt. Ltd Is a Fleet Personnel’s Management Company in operation for past 17 years and is duly registered with Directorate General of Shipping Govt. Of India having Recruitment And Placement Services License.
We are headquartered at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai a beautiful city being part of Mumbai with operation across all Major and Minor Ports of India bifurcated in five zones i.e. East zone, West Zone, South Zone, North zone & central zone via our associates. We also have our operational offices via Channel Partners of us at different parts of world namely: UAE, Oman, Abu-Dhabi, Kuwait and Russia.
Glance One Ship Management Pvt. Ltd Owing to the need of the industry both for Sea going jobs and requisite training, recruits good number of competent manpower for every department of ship namely Engine/Deck and Saloon, starting at various levels following the process of selection based on the Requirements, Standards, Regulations and the Eligibility criteria set up by Directorate General of Shipping Govt. Of India, the Concerned Foreign Authorities and our Esteemed Principals.
Glance One Ship Management Pvt. Ltd Commits an extremely high level of professional service designed to achieve the objective of fulfilling acute shortage of competent manpower in the industry and produce tangible results for our Esteemed Principals, by dedication as well as sincerity of the staff of the company so as to stand by the commitments it makes.
Glance One Ship Management Pvt. Ltd, most importantly is responsible for Safety and Health of our personnel both onboard and ashore and also take it on us to inculcate a sense of awareness towards protecting our Esteemed principle’s vessels, Environment and Surroundings so as to protect our planet.
Ace Ship Navigation Pvt. Ltd constantly keeps on improving its services in order to meet our Esteemed principle’s requirements complying in accordance with Rules, Regulations and Standards set by IMO, ISM and STCW2010.
Our Main Activity Areas are as follows:
Full Manning/Crewing of Fleet Personnel (Officers/Crew) for Main Fleet/Offshore/NCV Trading Vessels.
Providing Support level Fleet Personnel (Crew) for Chipping, Cleaning, Painting, Sandblasting, Fitters, and Welders with short contracts of up to 12 Months.
Providing Fleet Personnel (Crew) for vessels going for demolition.
Providing Fleet Personnel (Officers /Crew) for vessels out for delivery.
Supply of Provisions, Stores, and Spares.

At Present we have at our disposal a big pool of highly qualified, experienced Seafarers of all ranks, with our prospective Fleet Personnel being experienced on all any required type of Principal’s Vessels and having sound communication skills.
It is our pleasure to provide you with reliable pre-selected Fleet Personnel (Officers/Crew) for following types of vessels:
Bulk Carriers,
Cargo Vessels (Dry/General/Multipurpose)
Container Vessels
Tankers (Oil/LPG/LNG/Chemical)
Reefer Vessels.
Live Stock Carriers.
Dredger Vessels.
Research/Survey Vessel.